Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer Time Planning

So confession time....... I am a bit of a horder. Not in the creepy "I just found month old food" sort of way, but in the plan ahead sort of way.  I am a compulsive bargain shopper. I have had times when there hasn't been enough money, you never want to have to find something full price when you don't have money to spend.
So I stockpile children's clothing and sewing supplies. I make sure that I buy clothing at least one to two sizes bigger than my children currently are and place them in tubs.  Buying everything on clearance or at resale shops however, does not always guarantee that you will be able to buy complete outfits.  So starting midway through each season I pull out the next seasons clothing and take inventory.

I recently took inventory on my daughters clothing and developed the following list that I need to sew by the time the weather warms up.  So basically this is the list of some of the projects I will be blogging about in the next month or so.

1. Easter dress
2. Red and navy appliqué shirt with apples
3. White leggings. Two pairs one with ruffles one without.
4. Cream ruffle capris
5. Brown leggings with purple accents
6. White tank or t-shirt with navy blue with white lace bib.
7. Creme leggings
8. Tank dresses
9. Birthday outfit

I am sure there is more that I will think of later but there is the plan. As soon as project run and play is over I will be ready to get down to business.


  1. I always have a list of at least that many things I want to make for my kids. :)