Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Project Run and Play Week #3 "It's All in the Details"

Candy Striper Couture

Well I fell off the planet last week and didn't get my outfit sewn.  I was stuck on the outfit I was going to do for the chevron week though and decided that I would alter it and make it for this week.  

I had a collection of a set of two pink striped pillow cases, an off white women's skirt that would have fit my left thigh, and a pair of girl's 14/16 leggings in a pink and gold leopard print.   For some reason each piece seemed to fit together and scream out to me......make something with us. 

Recently, I drafted a new pattern.  I fell in love with the Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress pattern but reality is that the pattern is $15 dollars and I just don't have that kind of money.  So looking at it I thought, hey I can make that pattern myself.   Famous last words......

Well I played around with the pattern a little bit and ended up making a dress that was great....but too big in the shoulders.   So I started to play around with the shoulders doing a folding detail and it came out super cool.

So I decided to use the same pattern for this dress that I made.....with the intention of duplicating the same look in the shoulders. 

I decided to add an insert into the front of the dress that incorporated all the different fabrics.  As I was playing with the insert I realized that I had 2 different colors of piping, and 3 kinds of bias tape in my stash that matched the outfit.  So I decided that they would play up the detail.

FYI.....I don't sew with piping.  The last time I tried it was a disaster.   But as they say on Project gotta take a risk.  So I went for it.  It went better this time. 

I put the piping throughout the patchwork on the front and included it in the casing on the sleeves.  Also I used it along with bias tape  around the neckline.

I played with the folds on the sleeves as well and created a neat and different look.   The bias tape around the neckline kept it from being as clean as I wanted.  Next time I will do the seaming first and then the bias tape.  I added some vintage buttons to the sleeves to add even more details.

To finish the outfit, I used the leggings to create a pair of leggings for my 5T daughter.  

Overall, I love all of the details.  The outfit is way more detail oriented than I am normally, but I really like the effect!  The end result looks a little bit like a candy striper outfit, but the details bring it to a whole other level.