Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Run and Play Week #5 Men's Shirt Challenge

This week was the Men's Shirt challenge.......I actually thought it was last week...oops!  Ont top of that, I forgot to take a picture of my Men's shirt before I chopped it to pieces!  I knew even before starting that I would be sewing for summer since my daughter already has way too many winter clothes in her wardrobe.  (Hence the reason that the pictures are taken indoors since she is sleeveless and barefoot and it is snowing outside!)

I had been buying some Men's shirts to do things with the material this summer.  When I went to one garage sale, they had several men's work shirts that were all the same.  Even then I had my idea.....but never got around to making it.

I decided to make a pair of pants for my daughter.  Since the shirts matched I decided that I would use one shirt for each leg. 

I loved the idea of the buttons running down the legs and decided to do that to both legs. I cut the pieces using a basic pant pattern that I drafted and have used over and over again.

Originally, I was going to make these ruffle pants, but once I got them sewed I suddenly decided that I wanted to make them adjustable length pants.  

So I put a loop on the pants that could button onto the pants at any point going up the leg.  Ultimately I did the loop wrong and it bunches if I do it anywhere but the bottom button.  I love the look anyways!

My daughter loves the pants and they are super sturdy because they are made from work shirt material. 
To finish off the outfit, I made a simple tunic top with button back that has pockets on the front.

Originally, the pants were suppose to go with the outfit I submitted for valentines day.  Sooo.......the apron top of the dress (made from the leftover shirt pieces) also matches the pants. 

I love the fact that the material almost makes the pants like jeans which means that it will go with a variety of different tops I already have!


  1. I love those pants!! What a cute idea with two pants so you can have buttons on both sides. Very cute!

  2. Adorable pants...comfy and light for warmer days too!

  3. Thank you! My daughter didn't want to take them off. She made me put socks and a shirt with sleeves on, but the pants she liked playing in because they were so comfy!

  4. what great pants - I want them in my size... hmmm, I don't think I'll find a big enough men's shirt ;op I need to start going to yard sales again... well maybe in a few years when the kids can either participate or be off in school!